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Opening the door to evidence based investments for everyday Kiwis

Do you want to use your potential investment funds for something other than your retirement?

Investing in ACI Funds provides a way to get access to the most desirable wealth management funds, which are normally reserved for those with a minimum investment in excess of $250,000.

Guess what? You’re in. If you have as little as $50 you want to invest, you can invest your money in ACI Funds. It’s as tax efficient as KiwiSaver - without restrictions!

ACI Funds is open to anyone regardless of the size of your investment.

Most wealth management funds will charge up to 39% tax rate, but the maximum tax rate for ACI Funds is 28%.

You can access your investment whenever you want to use it for any reason.

Professional management of your investment by our experienced fund managers.

The money will be in your pocket when you want it.

One of the biggest draw cards to ACI Funds is the fact that you can access your money down the road without being penalised. There are no additional penalties or fees for withdrawing from the fund and we can transfer the money within 5 working days.

Your hard-earned money is guided by the time-tested French Fama model.

Trust your investment is in expert hands and is being managed by the proven French Fama strategy. We strike a balance between risk management and return, to create a dependable path for your portfolio’s growth.

Expert asset managers handle it for you.

Checking on your investment performance is as easy as logging into our portal - or receiving a quarterly text update. Our ACI Funds team expertly handles all admin and record-keeping, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of evidence based investment without lifting a finger.

You can set up regular deposits or one-off contributions in your client portal account, under the transaction tab. If you require any assistance in this, please contact your advisor or contact the ACI Funds support team here.

ACI Funds does not provide financial advice. Prior to investing in any fund, you should read the disclosure material and research to ensure that it meets your specific needs. If you would like to receive financial advice, you can find a financial advisor in your area here.

ACI Funds client funds are held in an independent custodial account run and operated by Adminis, who have been appointed to provide custodial services to ACI Funds. This ensures that there is a complete separation of client assets from ACI Funds as a business. The custodial account is also structured to ensure that all assets, including the bank accounts, are ring-fenced from the custodian’s business. The custodian is audited annually, and client accounts are subject to daily reconciliation.

Speak to your Advisor about ACI Funds.

Start building your investment portfolio today without the need for an enormous investment!

We invite you to learn more about ACI Funds and its open-access approach to investing. Your financial future is now firmly in your hands.

Don’t have a Financial Advisor?
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