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Stewart Group Asset Management

SGAM is the appointed investment manager for the ACI Funds and in that role are in a position to leverage their industry relationships, expertise and sound investment philosophy.

Our Advisory Board

Advisory Board members are selected for their integrity and compatibility with our values. They are expected to use their best judgement and expertise to offer sound advice and their collective opinion to the directors and management of Stewart Group Asset Management.

Our current advisory board includes:

Peter Mancell

Peter is the Managing Director of Mancell Financial Group based in Burnie, Tasmania. He provides strategic planning advice to FYG Planners for Independent, fee only advisers. Peter is also the current Chair of the Global Association of Independent Advisers.

Peter Mancell

Milton Jennings

Milton brings a breadth of financial and industry knowledge having spent 29 years with Fidelity Life, NZ’s largest locally owned insurer, including 14 years as CEO. He now runs his own planning consulting business in the life investment sector.

Milton Jennings

Investment Committee

The objective of the Investment Committee is to oversee the investment management strategies and key investment policies used by the funds within the ACI Funds and SGAM in managing our investment portfolios.

The desired outcome is to ensure that client assets are well managed within appropriate risk boundaries and portfolios meet the long-term performance objectives of the company.

Our current investment committee includes:

Nick Stewart

A passionate advocate for global best practice in the financial sector, Nick Stewart is a Financial Advisor, holds a Bachelor of Business Studies and is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary®. Nick holds several directorships in privately-owned companies and independent trusteeships.

Nick stewart

Dr Alastair Marsden

Formerly an associate professor at the University of Auckland Business School, Alastair has unparalleled academic and practical knowledge of finance. His areas of academic specialisation included business and finance, focusing on economic evaluation, capital markets analysis, and regulation.

Dr Alistair Marsden

Rory O’Neill

Rory joined Stewart Group in 2015 as Financial Controller and expanded his role to Head of Operations & Finance. He is now General Manager, and in 2022 became a shareholder and Director of our holding company, Te Rehe Group.

Rory O'Neill from ACI Funds

Dr Adi Drori

Adi moved to New Zealand in 2021, relocating from Israel with her family. After completing her MBA, Adi discovered her passion for finance and now uses her finely-honed research skills, from her previous career in the pharma industry, in her analyst role.

Dr Adi Drori

Our Partnerships

SGAM has partnered with global asset manager Dimensional Fund Advisors since 2003 to create and implement smart investment solutions.

Guided by a strong belief in markets efficiency, Dimensional offers strategies to help institutional clients pursue higher expected returns. Dimensional has a long history of incorporating rigorous academic research into practical investment strategies, which aligns with the investment philosophy of SGAM and ACI Funds.

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FundRock NZ Limited (‘FundRock’) is the issuer and manager of the Scheme.  They are specialists in funds that are PIE funds. FundRock NZ Limited’s Fund Hosting business provides services to some of the largest investment managers in the world who wish to operate in New Zealand, as well as a wide range of New Zealand investment management companies.

To make the ACI Funds systems efficient, sophisticated, safe and reflective of a premium product, we partnered with Adminis – leaders in financial services technology.

In addition to their administrator role (managing core functions including unit pricing, fund accounting and fund registry) Adminis also acts in a custodial role, to hold the assets of the Funds on behalf of investors. Independent custodianship is best global practice to protect the interests of investors.

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