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ACI Funds - Unlock the potential of managed funds.

Every investor deserves access to evidence based investments, no matter the size of their initial investment.

ACI Funds was created to empower investors who were priced out of individually tailored wealth management products. A gap existed at the intersection of accessibility and quality, and ACI Funds aims to bridge this gap.

SGAM aims to provide best-in-market research and modelling, in combination with ESG filters we have been refining since before the inception of the ACI Funds.

The Funds are designed to be tax efficient, meaning the maximum tax rate is the same 28% as a traditional KiwiSaver fund.

Rory O’Neill (Director, General Manager) & Nick Stewart (CEO) at 204 Karamu Road North.

Sustainable Investment

SGAM believes that investors can do well fiscally while doing good for people and planet. SGAM investment philosophy is backed by decades of research, and then overlaid with Dimensional Fund Advisors’ (Dimensional) specific environmental and social screens.

Using their own patented investment methodology, Dimensional is able to build diversified, cost-effective sustainability strategies to pursue higher returns while applying certain environmental criteria that matter the most.

Companies may be excluded from portfolios if their involvement in the below areas exceeds the threshold set by Dimensional*

  • Tobacco
  • Adult entertainment
  • Gambling
  • Alcohol
  • Controversial weapons
  • Nuclear weapons
  • Personal firearms
  • Factory farming
  • Palm oil

They may exclude or underweight companies with relatively high carbon emissions and/or poor sustainability scoring (being the management of toxic waste, water usage, land usage, and biodiversity).

In this way SGAM is able to offer everyday Kiwis evidence based investment considerations which align with their own environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) values.

*More information about Dimensional’s Sustainability Strategies is available in this brochure, click here to download a PDF

B Corp Certified

It’s hard to tell fact from fluff when it comes to sustainability these days. B Lab created as close to a globally-recognised tick as you can get: B Corporation. B Corps prioritise doing business for good and must go through a rigorous application process, then re-certify every 3 years.

What started as a journey towards sustainable practice quickly became more. B Corp certification allows SGAM to be part of a global community working to balance people, planet and profit, by meeting high standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

SGAM has a B Impact score of 105.4, which places us above the median score of B Corps in NZ (81.9). The minimum score for B Certification is 80.

SGAM are proudly part of Te Rehe Solar Network, the first peer-to-peer solar network of its kind in New Zealand.

Through our directors, shareholders and team Stewart Group Asset Management identifies as a Māori affiliated business.

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