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The Scheme is a New Zealand-based managed investment scheme which offers a range of investment options designed for Kiwi investors. Those investment options are the ACI Conservative Fund, the ACI Growth Fund (together ‘the Funds’) and the ACI Balanced Strategy (a blend of the Conservative and Growth funds as determined by SGAM)

The Funds feature diversification across markets, asset classes, countries, and sectors, and implement proven investment strategies to target long-term returns for investors. The minimum investment is $50, which opens these investment options up to a much wider field than traditional wealth management which typically has a much higher entry point. Investors can withdraw whenever they need (subject to the terms set out in the Trust Deed and Product Disclosure Statement). Even better, as the Funds are structured as Portfolio Investment Entity (‘PIE’) funds, they may offer tax benefits and efficiency to investors.

The Funds invests in underlying funds that use a science-based approach to target drivers of expected returns, backed by the FAMA-FRENCH factors model. This investment approach, combined with features such as the low investment minimums and the PIE structure, SGAM believe make the Scheme and Funds a unique proposition to the NZ market.

The Scheme and Funds are distributed by financial advisors across New Zealand. These advisors are essential to making sure investors have a sound understanding of what their investment options are, and what may best suit their risk appetite, goals and lifestyle.

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