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Important Information

Transparency is essential to us, as it is to you when making decisions around financial products. Our Product Disclosure Statement is available in full and free of charge, so you have access to all important information regarding the offering and function of ACI Funds.

ACI Funds is a managed investment scheme. Your money will be pooled with other investors’ money and invested in various investments. The value of those investments may go up or down. ACI Funds has two funds to invest in. There are three investment options in total:

  1. ACI Conservative Fund (minimum suggested investment timeframe: 4 years)
  2. ACI Growth Fund (minimum suggested investment timeframe: 10 years)
  3. ACI Balanced Strategy (50% Conservative, 50% Growth. Minimum suggested investment timeframe: 5 years)

The types of investments and the fees you will be charged are described in detail in our Product Disclosure Statement (below).

Neither FundRock or SGAM provide financial advisory services. We recommend investors to contact a trusted financial advisor for guidance around whether ACI Funds is right for you, and which investment option may be suited to your needs.

To protect the interests of investors, the assets of the Funds are held by an independent custodian and FundRock is supervised by an independent supervisor. This is global best practice to ensure that if something goes wrong locally, the investments are not impacted as they are held remotely.

You will be charged fees for investing in the Funds. Fees are deducted from your investment and will reduce your returns. If we invest in other funds, those funds may also charge fees. The fees you pay will be charged in two ways:

  1. Regular charges – for example, annual fund charges. Small differences in these fees can have a big impact on your investment over the long term.
  2. One-off fees – for example trading costs.

We can change fees from time to time. We can also add new fees. We may waive or decrease a management fee without notice. We may increase the management fee, or start charging additional fees, by giving you at least three months’ notice. The rules about fee changes are in the Trust Deed, which can be found on the scheme register at

Stewart Group Asset Management’s Privacy Policy can be found here

For full details, please see our
Product Disclosure Statement

For full details, please see our Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives

For full details, please see our Other Material Information Document

Speak to your Advisor about ACI Funds.

Start building your investment portfolio today without the need for an enormous investment!

We invite you to learn more about ACI Funds and its open-access approach to investing. Your financial future is now firmly in your hands.

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